Education and Training

Education and Training

Pioneer Medical Centre has been a proud training practice for over ten years and we are honored to be involved in training the future generation of GP’s. Drs Yiv, Need, Robertson and Prescott (our current Principals) began their General Practitioner journey as registrars at Pioneer.

Registrars are medical practitioners who have chosen to specialise in general practice, as a profession.   As part of that program and to gain a broad experience, registrars need to move to different practices, generally every 6-12 months. Whilst this is sad and can be frustrating for patients, it’s also exciting and rewarding to know that you have been a part of their training and shaping them to be the best GP they can be.

Dr Bryan Robertson and Dr Stella Prescott are our principal supervisors, with Drs Need and Yiv as secondary supervisors.  All GPs currently consulting from Pioneer Medical Centre have been registrars so are familiar with the requirements of Registrar training and able to provide support.  Pioneer Medical Centre, its staff and healthcare providers view the training of registrars as a whole team responsibility.

We thank you for being part of that training and hope that you will continue to support us with our next intake of GP Registrars.  Without you, this important training can’t happen.

From time to time, Pioneer Medical Centre also participates in medical student training. The receptionist will, if possible, advise you that a third person will be present at your consult when booking your appointment, then at attendance at reception, and again on entering consult rooms.

Please advise us if you are not comfortable with the presence of a third party.


GPs consulting at Pioneer Medical Centre participate in a continuing professional development programme. This programme is how health practitioners maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

Occasionally, as part of this programme or as part of Government initiatives, the practice participates in clinical audits using de-identified information. If you have concerns about this, please talk to a staff member.

Featured Fact

We are an AGPAL accredited practice. This means that Pioneer Medical Centre meets the strict standards set by the RACGP (Royal College of General Practitioners), acknowledging our commitment to safe, high quality health care.